How we work

Our principle objective is to provide sound, coordinated financial advice for your business based on expressed concerns, hopes and goals.

  • Business Protection

    Business protection helps safeguard the business to ensure it can continue to operate in the event of the death or serious illness of a shareholder, partner or key employee.

    With 30 years of experience, we are familiar with the nuances of mortgage broking. We'll source the right mortgage for you, assist with its application, reviewing when necessary if your circumstances change or deal expires. We'll simplify mortgage jargon and explain exactly what is happening throughout the process.

    A lot of business owners are focused on the day-to day running of their business and its profitability. However, many lack vital cover for certain unforeseen events or are unaware of the risks that they are running.

    Good financial planning can help determine the success or failure of running a business. We will help you to understand the risks your business faces and show how business protection could help financially secure the future of your business in the event of a death or critical illness of a business owner, key person or shareholder.

  • Employee Benefits

    In order to recruit and retain the best staff, it is increasingly important for employers to offer a comprehensive and attractive range of additional benefits.

    We help put together flexible benefits packages that are tailored to the specific needs of employers and their employees. We offer a wide range of employee benefit schemes from death in service, private health insurance, income protection and private medical insurance. As many of these schemes can be tax advantageous to a business, we help set them up and advise on the tax implications/benefits.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Workplace Pensions

    A quality workplace pension is not just required by law, it's a valuable savings vehicle for your employees and a great way to help you attract and retain the best people.

    There's no doubt the introduction of compulsory workplace pensions and the new employer duties has posed a number of new challenges, therefore expert help and support is required to explain the impact and the changes a business will need to make.

    As pension specialists we have a proven track record in designing solutions for our corporate clients to meet their needs and the needs of their employees.

    We can provide a fully qualified auto-enrolment specialist who will introduce you to a successful, defined auto-enrolment implementation and support process. We will support you through the process and not only provide advice to you, the employer, but also your employees.

    Once implementation of the scheme has been successful they will undertake annual reviews to ensure the scheme maintains its compliant status but also its suitability for your business and your employees.

    Workplace Pensions are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.